Religious in Salvador

Processão do Senhor Bom Jesus dos Navegantes

A maritime procession transports the image of Bom Jesus from Igreja NS da Conceição in Cidade Baixa north along the bay to Igreja de NS da Boa Viagem. A festival ensues on Praia da Boa Viagem.
Religious in Salvador

Festas de Reis

On the Dia de Reis, a procession of the reis magos (wise men) statues travels to a crèche in the Igreja da Lapinha.
Religious in Salvador

Lavagem do Bonfim

Salvador’s biggest festival outside of Carnaval honors the saint with Bahia's largest following – Senhor do Bonfim, associated with Candomblé. A procession of baianas (women dressed as Bahian ‘aunts’) in ritual dres…
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Festa de São Lázaro

A procession, ritual cleansing of the Igreja São Lázaro (end of Rua Professor Aristides Novis, São Lázaro) and festival honors the saint’s Candomblé orixá counterpart Omolú (the god of plague and disease).
Religious in Salvador

Festa de Iemanjá

Perhaps Candomblé’s most important festival, the event pays homage to the orixá Iemanjá, goddess of the sea and fertility. Devotees descend on Praia Rio Vermelho in the morning, where ceremonies are held to bless of…
Religious in Salvador

Festa de São João da Bahia

Pyrotechnics, street parties, and forró performances spring up all over town for a week near the end of June. Bahia's so-called 'festas juninas' (June celebrations) take place in Salvador and throughout the state.
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Festa Santa Bárbara

Rio Vermelho’s Mercado do Peixe is probably the best place to catch this Candomblé festival celebrating markets.
Religious in Salvador

Festa de NS da Conceição

Candomblistas honor the saint’s orixá alter ego, Iemanjá, with a procession and ceremonies in Cidade Baixa.
New Year in Salvador

Passagem do Ano Novo

New Year’s Eve is celebrated with all the zest of Carnaval, especially on the beaches.
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Lavagem da Igreja de Itapuã

The actual church washing is a mini version of Bonfim’s, but the street party in Itapuã is loaded with trios elétricos and is equally raucous.