Vintage Salvador

History buffs and photography enthuiasts shouldn't miss a virtual visit to Salvador Antiga (, an excellent online resource for old photos and watercolor renderings of the city in days gone by. Images are helpfully categorized according to neighborhood.


Walking around in Salvador, the bold symbol of a red, yellow and green peace sign is everywhere: it's the iconic symbol of Olodum, an Afro-Brazilian cultural group founded in 1979 by percussionist Neguinho do Samba. Originally, the objective was to curb racism and create opportunities for Bahia's marginalized youth. The organization still works towards these aims, primarily through music: the Olodum school is famous for developing its leader's signature style of afro bloco, also known as samba reggae, which takes inspiration from the musical styles of Caribbean reggae, salsa and Brazilian samba.

Today, Olodum runs a school, and the official band records music with big-time Brazilian musicians; during Carnaval, Olodum features prominently on the musical lineup. The colorful band of percussionists has also made waves in the international pop-culture scene: Michael Jackson filmed his 1996 music video for the single 'They Don't Care About Us' with the Olodum troupe in the streets of the Pelourinho. Log onto for more on the organization, or take a peek into the Escola Olodum in the Pelourinho.