Top things to do in Sabará

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Igreja de NS do Ó

A riot of gold, red and blue, the diminutive Igreja de NS do Ó is one of Minas’s little gems. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary in her role as protector of pregnant women and those praying for fertility, it also features…
Opera House in Sabará

Teatro Municipal

A testament to the wealth of bygone days, Sabará’s elegant opera house was built in 1819, on the site of a previous structure dating back to 1770. It has crystal lamps and three tiers of carved bamboo seats.
Church in Sabará

Matriz de NS de Conceição

The triple-naved Matriz de NS de Conceição, finished in 1720, is a fascinating blend of Asian arts and Portuguese baroque, with gold leaf, red Chinese scrolls and pagodas on the sanctuary door panels.
Church in Sabará

Igreja NS do Carmo

Aleijadinho was instrumental in the decoration of the Igreja NS do Carmo. His touch is everywhere, especially in the faces of São Simão and São João da Cruz.
Museum in Sabará

Museu do Ouro

Housed in a historic gold foundry dating to 1730, the Museu do Ouro displays art and artifacts of Sabará’s glory years.
Memorial in Sabará

Igreja NS do Rosário dos Pretos

The half-built Igreja de NS do Rosário dos Pretos – started and financed by slaves but never finished – now stands as a memorial to the abolition of slavery in 1888.