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All colonial attractions are signposted from central Praça Santa Rita. Most charge small admission fees, and all are closed Mondays. Highlights include the following:

Matriz de NS de Conceição This triple-naved church was finished in 1720 and is a fascinating blend of Asian and Portuguese baroque styles.Igreja de NS do Ó Diminutive and jewel-like, decorated in gold, red and blue and dedicated to the Virgin Mary in her role as protector of pregnant women.Igreja NS do Carmo Aleijadinho's work predominates here, especially in the faces of São Simão and São João da Cruz.O Teatro Imperial Sabará’s elegant 1770 opera house.Museu do Ouro A 1730s gold foundry filled with historical artifacts.Igreja NS do Rosário dos Pretos Started and financed by slaves, this half-finished church now stands as a memorial to slavery's abolition in 1888.Buses to Sabará (R$3.85 to R$5.10, 40 minutes) run every 10 to 15 minutes from a street corner on the south side of Belo’s main bus station. Return buses leave from the bus stop on Av Victor Fantini in Sabará.

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