Hospital in Guajará-Mirim

Hospital Regional

You may have to wait a long time for service at this crowded public hospital. It administers yellow fever vaccinations free of charge from 8am to 1pm Monday to Friday.
Police in Guajará-Mirim

Polícia Federal

The immigration office is an unmarked door on Av Presidente Dutra, but you can use the main entrance on Av Quintino Bocaiúva after hours and on weekends.
Tourist Information in Porto Velho


Useful for updates and general information on the region's reserves and indigenous territories.
Consulate in Guajará-Mirim

Bolivian Consulate

Visas can normally be issued on the same day; for US citizens, the fee is a whopping US$160.
Laundry in Porto Velho

Lavandería Mamoré

Quick and professional, but prices are high. You can save a bit by forgoing ironing.
Hospital in Porto Velho

Hospital Central

Large public hospital with an emergency room.
Bank in Guajará-Mirim

Banco do Brasil

Exchanges US cash but not traveler's checks.
Pharmacy in Porto Velho

Drogaria Natal

Large pharmacy and convenience store.
Hospital in Porto Velho

Hospital Unimed

Private hospital.
ATM in Guajará-Mirim


Reliable ATMs.