Rio Grande do Sul attractions

Top Choice Canyon in Cambará do Sul

Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra

Located 18km southeast of Cambará do Sul, this magnificent park occupies 102.5 sq km on the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. It's here that vast, uninspired pasturelands give way to a series of s…
Top Choice Canyon in Cambará do Sul

Parque Nacional da Serra Geral

Parque Nacional da Serra Geral, 23km east of Cambará do Sul, contains canyons that rival Itaimbezinho. The Cânion da Fortaleza is an 8km stretch of escarpment with 900m drops. A gently inclining Trilha do Mirante le…
Top Choice Ruins in São Miguel Das Missões

Sítio Arqueológico São Miguel Arcanjo

The most moving of the Brazilian missions, this elegant church, designed by an Italian architect who was also a Jesuit friar, earned Unesco World Heritage status in 1984. It's surrounded by the ruins of the Jesuit s…
Top Choice Church in Canela

Catedral de Pedra

Bigger and more dramatic than Gramado's stone church, this English Gothic stone cathedral dominates Canela's main square.
Top Choice Waterfall in Canela

Parque Estadual do Caracol

The major attraction of Parque Estadual do Caracol, 9km from Canela, is the spectacular Cascata do Caracol, a 131m waterfall. It’s particularly attractive in the morning sun, when the water sparkles as it cascades o…
Top Choice Winery in Vale Dos Vinhedos

Vinícola Almaúnica

One of the region's most awarded vineyards, Almaúnica's syrahs and Quatro Castas blends are top notch. The friendly owner is often in the tasting room, happily serving glasses over gorgeous vineyard views.
Ruins in Rota Missões

Sitio Arqueológico São Nicolau São Lourenço Mártir

In 1690, a group from the Argentine reduction of Santa Maria founded São Lourenço Mártir. It is located about 18km west of the turnoff to São Miguel das Missões, 9km north off the road to São Luiz Gonzaga (Hwy BR-28…
Church in Gramado

Igreja Matriz São Pedro

Gramado's stone church on the main square is a favorite photo point with Brazilians.
Church in Santo Ângelo

Catedral Angelopolitana

A homage to São Miguel Arcanjo, this 1929 sandstone church dominates the plaza with its intriguing mix of baroque, Renaissance and Guarani architecture and Valentim Von Adamovich's sculptures honoring the patrons of…
Winery in Pinto Bandeira

Don Giovanni

Both a winery and a homey pousada, Don Giovanni is a one-stop shop in Pinto Bandeira. It's most famous for sparkling wines (the tasting fee works as a credit toward purchases).