Tram in Centro & Cinelândia

Bonde Station

Rio’s iconic yellow tram (known as the ‘Bonde’ or ‘Bondinho’) is running once again, though on a more limited route than previously. Trams run between the main station on Rua Lélio Gama, across the Lapa Arches to La…
Tram in Centro & Cinelândia


Part of an urban-renewal project, the VLT is a light rail with various routes throughout downtown. Line 1 links Aeroporto Santos Dumont with AquaRio, stopping at Cinelândia and Parada dos Museus (for access to Museu…
Ferry in Centro & Cinelândia

Ferry to Niterói

This commuter boat travels between Rio's Praça XV (Quinze) de Novembro and Niterói. Weekday departures are frequent (every 10 to 20 minutes), then half-hourly after 10pm. On Saturdays, the boat departs every 30 minu…
Airport in Centro & Cinelândia

Aeroporto Santos Dumont

Close to downtown Rio (and accessible by the VLT), Santos Dumont has mostly domestic flights.
Airline in Centro & Cinelândia


Ferry in Centro & Cinelândia

Ferry to Ilha Fiscal

Ferry in Centro & Cinelândia

Ferry to Ilha de Paquetá