Top Choice Pizza in Flamengo & Around

Ferro e Farinha

Sei Shiroma, an expat from NYC, and a dexterous team of dough handlers serve Rio's best pizza at this atmospheric and delightfully ramshackle spot in Catete. Seats are few, with just a handful of bar stools crowding…
Middle Eastern in Flamengo & Around

Sírio Libaneza

Always packed, this bustling place serves tasty and cheap Syrian-Lebanese cuisine and great juices. Try the hearty kibe de forno (an oven-baked ground-beef dish with spices), a hummus platter or kafta (spiced meat p…
Indian in Flamengo & Around

Maze Inn

For an alternative taste of Rio, head up to Tavares Bastos for an amazing feast of Indian cuisine. Chef Bruno Dantas Nadkarni learned from his Indian relatives how to make outstanding samosas, pork vindaloo and bhin…
Steak in Flamengo & Around


Established in 1963, Majorica is regarded as an institution among Rio’s discerning carnivores. Although the all-you-can-eat option is not offered, we prefer Majorica’s quality over quantity approach. Customers choos…
Brazilian in Flamengo & Around


A brilliant new addition to Flamengo, this bright and attractive eating and drinking spot features a daytime menu of creative salads topped with grilled veggies, salmon or roast meat, as well as quiches and soups. B…
Amazonian in Flamengo & Around

Tacacá do Norte

In the Amazonian state of Pará, people order their Tacacá late in the afternoon from their favorite street vendor. In Rio, you don't have to wait until the sun is setting. The fragrant soup of manioc paste, lip-numb…
Brazilian in Flamengo & Around


This atmospheric restaurant serves a good selection of classic Brazilian dishes by day, and transforms to a live-music spot with a menu of mostly drinks and appetizers by night (cover charge around R$20).
Steak in Flamengo & Around

Corrientes 348

The makeover of the Marina da Glória has seen the arrival of a handful of upscale eating establishments facing the waterfront, including this classy Argentine steakhouse. Juicy steaks are grilled up to perfection an…
Peruvian in Flamengo & Around


Colorfully decorated with Andean tapestries and artwork, this tiny Peruvian restaurant serves mouthwatering ceviches, papas rellenas (meat-filled potatoes), seafood soups and other classic dishes from the Andes. For…
Italian in Flamengo & Around


Catete's best restaurant is this understated Italian gem, with its aromas of herb-roasted vegetables wafting from the kitchen. The stars of the menu are the superb pastas and risottos (try the San Felice with flambé…