Unsurprisingly, beach and casual wear are a big part of the shopping scene in Rio. Less well known is the great variety of stores selling antiques, custom-made handicrafts, wine and spirits, handmade jewelry, records and CDs, coffee-table books and one-of-a-kind goods found only in Rio.

Markets of Rio

Rio's many markets are ideal places to explore the subcultures beneath the city's surface, whether that means you're brushing elbows with antique-lovers, recent migrants from the Northeast or youthful flocks of fashionistas from the Zona Sul. Several markets, such as the Feira Nordestina and the monthly Feira do Rio Antigo, are as much about food and music as they are about shopping.

A few top markets:

Rio Souvenirs

  • Music Expand your collection with local favorites such as singers Maria Rita, Diogo Nogueira or Mart'nália.
  • Cachaça Buy quality cachaça (high-proof sugarcane alcohol) from Minas from around R$35.
  • Swimwear Flaunt your new tan in a tiny sunga (Speedo) or fio dental (string bikini). Ipanema, along Rua Visconde de Pirajá, is the place to look.
  • Maracatu drums If the massive Northeastern instrument won't fit on your coffee table, consider the smaller ukulele-like cavaquinho.
  • Havaianas Find a pair for every mood at shops all across town, including the spacious emporium in Copacabana.
  • Paintings Artists showcase their work at the Sunday Hippie Fair.
  • Soccer jerseys Score a jersey for one of Rio's teams. Loja Fla is the go-to place for Flamengo fans.
  • Folk art Tap into Brazil's handicraft traditions at stores scattered about town.

Need to Know

Opening Hours

  • Stores From 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, to 1pm Saturday.
  • Malls From 10am to 10pm Monday to Saturday, 3pm to 10pm Sunday.

Consumer Taxes

All stores list their prices with the tax already included, so what you see on the tag is the total price you'll pay for the goods.


Many sales assistants in high-end shops speak some English.


A little bargaining is expected when making purchases at markets, but keep in mind that sellers generally don't inflate their prices and so aren't willing to haggle very much.