Holiday in Rio de Janeiro

Reveillon & Festa de Iemanjá

New Year’s Eve (Reveillon) in Rio is celebrated by millions of people. Tons of fireworks explode in the sky over Copacabana. New Year’s Day coincides with the festival of Iemanjá, the sea goddess. Wearing white, the…
Cultural in Rio de Janeiro

Festas Juninas

The June Festival is one of the most important folkloric festivals in Brazil. In Rio, it’s celebrated in various public plazas throughout the month, primarily on June 13 (Dia de Santo Antônio), June 24 (Dia de São J…
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Suvaco de Cristo

Very popular bloco (whose name means ‘Christ’s armpit’, in reference to the open-armed Redeemer looming overhead). It also meets on Carnaval Saturday, but doesn’t announce the time (to avoid overcrowding), so ask ar…
Music in Rio de Janeiro

Música no Museu

Classical-music lovers should try to attend a concert held during the ongoing Música No Museu. Held each year, this event features dozens of concerts (all free) each month at museums and cultural spaces around the c…
Film in Rio de Janeiro

Rio International Film Festival

The festival is one of the biggest in Latin America. Some 250 films from more than 60 countries are shown at 20-odd theaters. It runs over two weeks, and kicks off either in September or October.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro


Rise and shine! This huge bloco attracts upwards of 500,000 revelers who, nursing hangovers (or perhaps still inebriated) gather in Centro for a final farewell to Carnaval.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro


A massive and hugely popular bloco (street party), with a heavy rhythm section, that celebrates along the beachfront in Ipanema.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Que Merda É Essa?

This playful gathering (which means 'What the shit is this?') is a big draw in Ipanema – and eventually makes its way along the beach.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Cordão do Bola Preta

The oldest and biggest banda still in action. Costumes are always welcome, especially those with black-and-white spots.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Céu na Terra

Follows along the bonde (streetcar line) on a memorable celebration through Santa Teresa en route to Largo das Neves.