Live Music in Flamengo & Around

Maze Inn

Also known as the 'Casa do Bob' after owner Bob Nadkarni, the once-a-month event here is well worth attending. It's set in the guesthouse of the same name high up in Tavares Bastos (one of Rio's safest favelas). The…
Live Music in Flamengo & Around

Severyna de Laranjeiras

At night this broad, rustically decorated dining hall forms the backdrop to Brazilian rhythms, and there's a broad menu of Northeastern fare. Groups perform forró, a popular music of the Northeast (Thursdays from 7:…
Performing Arts in Flamengo & Around

Teatro Oi Futuro

This hypermodern cultural center and gallery space also stages dance performances and concerts. The fare is generally non-mainstream. For upcoming shows, you can buy tickets online at www.ticketplanet.com.br/marcas/…
Cinema in Flamengo & Around

Cine Museu da República

The screening room located behind the dramatic Museu da República shows contemporary and vintage films of indie and world cinema. Entrance is via the Parque do Catete.