Top Choice Beach in Copacabana & Leme

Copacabana Beach

A magnificent confluence of land and sea, the long, scalloped beach of Copacabana extends for some 4km, with a flurry of activity along its length: over-amped soccer players singing their team's anthem; cariocas (re…
Top Choice Beach in Ipanema & Leblon

Ipanema Beach

One long stretch of sun-drenched sand, Ipanema Beach is demarcated by postos (posts), which mark off subcultures as diverse as the city itself. Posto 9, right off Rua Vinícius de Moraes, is where Rio’s most lithe an…
Island in Centro & Cinelândia

Ilha de Paquetá

Ilha de Paquetá, in the Baía de Guanabara, was once a popular tourist spot and remains a pleasant escape from the city’s bustle. There are no cars on the island. Transport is by foot, bicycle (there are hundreds for…
Beach in Barra da Tijuca & West of Rio

Praia da Barra da Tijuca

The best thing about Barra is the beach. It stretches for 12km, with the lovely blue sea lapping at the shore. The first few kilometers of its eastern end are filled with bars and seafood restaurants.
Beach in Botafogo & Urca

Praia da Urca

This tiny beach is popular with neighborhood kids who gather here for pick-up football games when school is not in session (and sometimes when it is). A small restaurant, Garota da Urca, lies near the beach.
Beach in Botafogo & Urca

Praia de Botafogo

Although the waters of the bay are too polluted for swimming, the beach overlooking the Enseada de Botafogo (Botafogo Inlet) makes a photogenic setting for a run or bike ride. Hopeful football stars play pick-up gam…
Beach in Ipanema & Leblon

Gay Section of Beach

Gay section of Ipanema Beach.
Beach in Copacabana & Leme

Praia de Diabo

Beach in Ipanema & Leblon

Praia de Leblon

Separated from Ipanema by the gardens and canal of Jardim de Alah, Leblon Beach attracts families and has a slightly more sedate vibe than its eastern counterpart. Parents with little ones may want to check out Baix…
Beach in Botafogo & Urca

Praia Vermelha

Beneath Morro da Urca, narrow Praia Vermelha has superb views of the rocky coastline from the shore. Its coarse sand gives the beach the name vermelha (red). Because the beach is protected by the headland, the water…