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Brazilian Steak Houses offer the typical Brazilian barbecue - churrasco, which is composed of whole cuts of meat that are skewed and barbecued in a “churrasqueira” constructed of bricks. The meat is barbecued and then brought to the table, in a service called a rodízio an all you can eat barbeque.  
O Assador:  For 300 years, the barbecue has arisen in the south of the country. The Assador was the one who prepared the meat, who understood the cuts, knew the materials, the knives, the grates and even the best floor to lay the wooden skewers and start roasting. The barbecue of that time was done anywhere, only by experts, who passed the knowledge to the children and grandchildren. Since then, almost nothing has changed. We brought all the barbecue ritual and the ancestral knowledge of the ASSADOR. The difference is that you can enjoy all this in one of the most charming places of Rio de Janeiro, with a privileged view of the Sugar Loaf. The soul of the ASSADOR remains the same. Now is  just changed the story a little bit that the best barbecue is done anywhere.Assador is located in one of the main points of the Aterro do Flamengo overlooking the Christ and Sugar Loaf.    The history of the place began in 1979 with the inauguration of the restaurant Rio's, with project of the architect Marcos Kondr Netto that was part of the process of urbanization of Flamengo Park. To favor the view of the Guanabara Bay, with the Sugar Loaf in the background, the floor was raised 1.20 m in relation to the level of the land and the building was all surrounded by glass. The construction of 2,000 m² of area was still surrounded by balconies and a garden of 50,000 m², designed by Burle Marx.In the gastronomic part, the concept of valuing the meat and drying the accompaniments and other complements, present in all the restaurants that his Jair commands, continues in the Assador Rio's. Another proof of the consistency with the proposal of the place that was inspired by the figure of who prepares the meats, understands the cuts, knows the materials, the knives, the grills and even better floor to fincar the skewers to give the name to the restaurant. All the ritual of barbecue and the knowledge of the Barbecue that was passed from father to son make the soul of the new churrasco carvery of Rio de Janeiro. The buffet of salads and accompaniments, leaner, that still brings a selection of cheeses and cold cuts is present. But the highlight is even the cuts that parade through the hall. Classics such as Skirt, Picanha, Termite, Lamblet, Wide Steak, among others share space with noble cuts such as the Tomahawk (piece that joins rib and entrecôte), Chorizo Steak, Shoulder Steak and French Rack of lamb, plus the rib who spends almost 10 hours baking until he comes to the plate.You can also choose with a menu using la carte options with fish, created so that those who do not like meat can also enjoy the Grill Rio's. There is also the possibility of integrating these options with the buffet. To end the experience, three dessert options.

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