Hospital in Copacabana & Leme

Clinica Galdino Campos

The best hospital for foreigners, with high-quality care and multilingual doctors (who even make outpatient calls). The clinic works with most international health plans and travel insurance policies.
Tourist Information in Cabo Frio

Tourist Office

At Cabo Frio's bus station; two additional branches along the Canal do Itajuru and in the historic Bairro da Passagem.
Tourist Information in Ilha Grande & Vila do Abraão


At the foot of the wooden pier, Ilha Grande's official tourist office offers general information about the island, including rudimentary maps of Abraão village and local trails.
Tourist Information in Visconde de Mauá


At the entrance to the village of Mauá, the valley's tourist information hut has brochures and photos of area accommodations; they can help with room reservations upon request.
Tourist Information in Paraty


Recently relocated to the historic center, Paraty's tourist office also has a second branch just off highway BR-101.
Tourist Information in Arraial do Cabo

Tourist Office

Housed within the town’s formal entry portal, 3km northwest of the center, this office has English- and Spanish-speaking staff and provides a helpful map.
Police in Ipanema & Leblon

Tourist Police

Report robberies to the tourist police; no major investigation is going to occur, but you will get a police form to give to your insurance company.
Tourist Information in Nova Friburgo

Tourist Office

Has maps, complete lists of hotels and restaurants, and excellent permanent staff, including the English-speaking Elaine and German-speaking Nair.
Tourist Information in Gávea, Jardim Botânico & Lagoa

Centro de Vida Independente

The Centro de Vida Independente can provide advice for the disabled about travel in Brazil.
Tourist Information in Rio de Janeiro

Central 1746

Rio's new City Hall's Directory Assistance. Press 8 for tourist info then 1 for English.