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The small Aeroporto de Rio Branco is 22km northwest of town on Hwy BR-364.

GOL Three daily flights to/from Brasília, and one to/from Porto Velho.

LATAM Two daily flights to/from Brasília, with extensive onward connections.

Transport Options

A taxi to or from the airport costs an eye-popping R$100. Alternatively Bus 304, signed as ‘Custódio Freire,’ runs between the airport and town roughly every 45 minutes (R$3.50, 45 minutes, 5am to 11:30pm).


The Rio Acre is navigable all the way to the Peruvian border at Assis Brasil but there’s little river traffic (and none that follows a schedule). Headed the other direction, it’s possible to catch a boat down the Rio Purus from the town of Boca do Acre, north of Rio Branco, theoretically all the way to Manaus. That said, if Manaus is your destination, there’s a much more frequent and reliable boat service on the Rio Madeira, leaving from Porto Velho.


Long-distance buses leave from the Rodoviária Internacional de Rio Branco, a sleek new bus terminal 8km southwest of town. Petroacre has services to Xapuri (R$38, 3½ hours, 6am and 1:45pm), Brasiléia (R$48, four hours, 6am, noon and 2:45pm), Assis Brasil (R$60, six hours, 6am and noon) and Cruzeiro do Sol ($128, 12 to 14 hours, 7:15am and 7:30pm).

Eucatur and Viação Rondônia have three to four departures daily to Porto Velho (R$115, nine to ten hours) usually once in the morning and the rest nonstop overnighters.

Car & Motorcycle

Highway BR-364 is paved and well maintained between Rio Branco and Porto Velho, and as far as Sena Madureira, 170km west of Rio Branco. Likewise, the road from Rio Branco to Brasiléia (235km) and Assis Brasil on the Peruvian border is also paved.