Mexican in Campo Grande


The owners have opted for an uber-Mexican theme (think primary colors and psychedelic cacti) and decided to run with it a few miles. Luckily, the dishes (chalupas, tacos, enchiladas, alambres, ceviche...) are all re…
Mexican in Avenida Paulista, Jardins & Around

Taquería La Sabrosa

An authentic taqueria, previously rarer than a chupacrabra sighting in São Paulo! This colorful Mexican-Brazilian operation – the same couple who runs higher-end Oba in Jardins – churns out tacos, tostadas, carnitas…
Mexican in Ipanema & Leblon


A few steps from Praça General Osório, this small open-sided eatery fills a much lacking niche in Rio's food world: Mexican cuisine! Nibble on tortilla chips and guacamole before feasting on quesadillas and burritos…
Mexican in Lençóis

Burritos y Taquitos

It's a rare chance to get your Mexican fix in rural Bahia: popular with locals, this casual restaurant does reasonably authentic burritos, tacos and guacamole, and has a back patio overlooking the river.