Top Choice Goiana in Goiás

Fazenda Babilônia

The long-lost subculture of Brazilian cuisine has been resurrected at Fazenda Babilônia, an 1800 sugar plantation and fazenda (farm) on the Patrimonial Nacional (National Heritage) register since 1965. Every weekend…
in Amazonas

Las Margaritas

Hidden behind a picket fence under a huge palapa (thatched roof), Las Margaritas is the best restaurant in town. The huge set meals of the day include local specialties such as pirarucú and carne asada (grilled stea…
International in Ilha de Marajó

Hotel Casarão da Amazônia

It's no surprise that the island's nicest hotel also has its most sophisticated restaurant. It's not easy to attract experienced staff to this culinary hinterland, but the Italian owner's efforts have paid off. The …