Top things to do in Recife

Top Choice Museum in Recife

Oficina Cerâmica Francisco Brennand

Francisco Brennand, born in 1927 into an Irish immigrant family and now considered Brazil’s greatest ceramicist, revitalized his family’s abandoned tile factory to create his own line of decorative ceramic tiles. Th…
Top Choice Arts Center in Recife

Paço do Frevo

This strikingly red museum is a small and modern house of worship for frevo, the quintessential dance of the Recife Carnaval that is easily identified by its use of colorful small umbrellas. There is a great energy …
Top Choice Buffet in Recife

Chica Pitanga

As near as por kilos restaurants can get to a gourmet experience, Chica Pitanga offers a changing array of diverse dishes every day. The dozen or so salad options might, for example, include tabbouleh or mango salad…
Carnaval in Recife


Recife holds one of Brazil’s most colorful and folkloric Carnavals. Groups and spectators deck themselves out in elaborate costumes such as maracatu (headpieced warrior), harlequin, bull and frevo (crop tops with ru…
Museum in Recife

Museu Cais do Sertão

Inaugurated in 2014, this bold museum highlights the culture of the sertão (the interior of Pernambuco state), especially as it relates to the godfather of forró music, Luiz Gonzaga, who was a major player not only …
Seafood in Recife

Camarada Camarão

Airy, bustling Camarada does shrimp in endlessly creative ways – think shrimp fondue, salads, marinated in beer and served in moquecas (stews) – but it’s also wildly popular for happy hour, when patrons flood the fr…
Live Music in Recife

Terça Negra

This great free night of Afro-Brazilian rhythms takes place in the picturesque Pátio de São Pedro two Tuesdays a month. The crowd in the plaza is alternative and laid-back but the surrounding area is sketchy, so don…
Chapel in Recife

Capela Dourada

Built between 1696 and 1724, this gem of Brazilian baroque, part of the Convento de Santo Antônio, owes its name to the huge quantities of gold (said to total more than 120kg!) covering its elaborately sculpted wall…
Cathedral in Recife

Concatedral de São Pedro dos Clérigos

The 18th-century baroque Concatedral de São Pedro dos Clérigos has been totally renovated and contains incredibly fine stonework and wood carvings throughout its magnificent interior. On Wednesday from 8am to 1pm ad…
Arts & Crafts in Recife

Casa da Cultura

An excellent source of Pernambuco crafts, plus it stocks a lot of T-shirts. The Casa da Cultura occupies a creepy colonial-era jail where prisoners languished until 1973.