Arts & Crafts in Recife

Feirinha do Recife Antigo

This interesting street market specializing in high-class artisanry, such as dresses, jewelry and ceramics, brings Recife Antigo to life on Sunday afternoons. Nearby bars open and there's often live music. On the la…
Market in Recife

Mercado de São José

As well as traditional Pernambuco handicrafts, such as lace and leather goods, palm baskets and clay figurines, this bustling city-center market sells all manner of food, and stocks shelves of medicinal herbs.
Arts & Crafts in Recife

Casa da Cultura

An excellent source of Pernambuco crafts, and stocks a lot of T-shirts. The Casa da Cultura occupies a creepy colonial-era prison where prisoners languished until 1973.
Books in Recife

Livraria Cultura

Probably the best bookstore north of Salvador, with a big English-language selection, including Lonely Planet guides, plus music and movies.
Arts & Crafts in Recife

Centro de Artesanato de Pernambuco

Displays and sells the best of Pernambuco crafts in wood, ceramics, lace, lithographs and other media.