Top Choice Seafood in Recife

Camarada Camarão

Airy, bustling Camarada does shrimp in endlessly creative ways – think shimp fondue, salads, marinated in beer and served in moquecas (stews) – but it’s also wildly popular for happy hour, when patrons flood the fro…
Top Choice Buffet in Recife

Chica Pitanga

As near as por kilos restaurants can get to a gourmet experience, Chica Pitanga offers a changing array of diverse dishes every day. The dozen or so salad options might, for example, include tabbouleh or mango salad…
Burgers in Recife


Brazil's gourmet burger revolution has spread countrywide and this is Recife's trendy entry into the fray. The burgers are great – try the Sertão option with carne de sol (a tasty, salted meat) and coalho cheese if …
Brazilian in Recife

Restaurante Leite

One of the oldest restaurants in Brazil, this traditional lunch place was opened in 1882. Though modernized these days and void of much historical air, it remains a power-lunch favorite of politicos and businesspeop…
Brazilian in Recife

Bistrô & Boteco

Bistrô & Boteco's grills, shrimp and salads are enhanced by its superb harbor views. The prime rib de leitão (suckling pig ribs) comes with a rodízio (smorgasbord) of vegetable accompaniments offered by waiters …
Buffet in Recife


Festive decor and staff dressed in police and outlaw outfits spice up your meal at this fun Northeast-themed restaurant. The self-serve food is a cornucopia of tasty Northeastern dishes: carne de sol, macaxeira (cas…
Crêpes in Recife

Bercy Village

Atmospheric Bercy Village serves up good-value savory and sweet crepes, and fab salads and sandwiches in a cool, semi-outdoor ambience that's pretty classy for a creperie. Perpignan (with filet mignon, gorgonzola an…
Buffet in Recife

Salada Mista

One of the best of many por kilo eateries in the center, Salada Mista has a big range of salad options in a clean and comfortable setting.