To & From the Airport

Coopseta prepaid taxis from the airport cost between R$23 and R$39 to Boa Viagem, and R$87 to Olinda or the bus station. During high traffic times prepaid taxis can be a better-value option then metered taxis; at other times it's cheaper to go with metered rivals Coopstar. Booths for both taxi companies are located just outside the baggage-claim area. Prices increase between 10pm and 6am with both operators.

Air-conditioned bus 042 leaves from outside the arrivals hall and heads to Boa Viagem and the city center (R$4) but you need a transit card to board and it takes a convoluted route, which slows it considerably. At busy times, a better option for Boa Viagem is to walk to the right outside the arrivals hall and catch bus 040 CDU/Boa Viagem/Caxangá (which initially heads south) from the stop on busy Av Mascarenhas de Morais.

Going to the airport from Boa Viagem, catch any Aeroporto bus on Av Domingos Ferreira; from the center, take a 033 Aeroporto bus from Terminal Cais de Santa Rita.

To & From the Bus Station

To get to Boa Viagem from the Terminal Integrado de Passageiros (TIP), take the metro to Joana Bezerra station, then follow the signs to 'SEI – Integraçao' for Boa Viagem–bound bus 080 (it leaves from embarkation point 2). The R$1.60 metro ticket from the Rodoviária metro station in the TIP covers both rides.

From Boa Viagem to the TIP, take a TI Aeroporto/Joana Bezerra bus from Av Conselheiro Aguiar to Joana Bezerra metro station, then a Camaragibe-bound metro train to the Rodoviária stop.

If you arrive outside metro hours (5am to 11pm), taxis run R$60 to Boa Viagem and R$70 to Olinda.

To & From Boa Viagem

In Boa Viagem, southbound buses run along Av Domingos Ferreira; northbound buses run along Av Conselheiro Aguiar. The 032 Setúbal/Conde da Boa Vista bus runs north to Recife Antigo, Av Guararapes and Av Conde da Boa Vista (westbound) in the center, and back to Boa Viagem. Bus 033 runs north from Boa Viagem to Terminal Cais de Santa Rita and back.

From the center to Boa Viagem, you can also take a Setúbal/Príncipe bus from the stop outside Recife metro station but it takes a somewhat long way round.

A taxi between central Recife and Boa Viagem costs around R$35 to R$40.