Dangers & Annoyances

Crime does occur in Pipa, doubtless exacerbated by the use of crack-cocaine in some areas here. Don't leave belongings unattended on beaches and don’t leave valuables lying around in your room.

Internet Access


Cash is king in Pipa – many places do not accept cards at all or only accept debit cards. At the time of writing, options for foreign cards were limlited to high-fee-charging Banco 24-horas, which has six fairly reliable ATMs around town, including near the bus stop, the central plaza, and the town center. For branches of other banks, it's necessary to travel to Tibau do Sul or Goianinha.


Tourist Information

There's a new tourism information office at the beginning of Av Baía dos Golfinhos at the entrance to town.

Pipa is also extraordinarily well endowed with helpful, informative websites. Take your pick from www.pipa.com.br or www.pipa.tur.br.

Travel Agencies

Mandacaru Expedições This excellent small Pipa-based agency can arrange any Brazilian travel experience or itinerary based on its widely traveled owner's personal knowledge. There's an emphasis on high ecotouristic and safety standards. Highlights include buggy tours both north and south, tips for dolphin sightings and excursions further afield.

Pipatour Helpful agency for flight, bus and tour bookings.