Cameras will suffer on the road and they may get broken, lost or stolen. But there are so many good shots in Brazil that you’ll kick yourself if you don’t bring a camera along on your travels.

  • Try not to carry a flashy camera bag – it may attract the attention of thieves – and make sure your equipment is insured.
  • Some Candomblé temples do not permit photography. Avoid taking photographs or a video in banks or near military bases or other sensitive areas.
  • Be respectful of the locals and always ask before taking photos – this applies to indigenous peoples in the Amazon, who may not feel comfortable being photographed or filmed.
  • Photographing in the rainforest is notoriously difficult. It pays to learn how to adjust the speed and aperture of your camera – even a digital point-and-shoot – to get the best shots in low light beneath the canopy.
  • If you lose your camera, there are electronics stores just about everywhere.