Top things to do

Top Choice Buffet in Porto Seguro


One of the classiest per-kilo eateries around, Portinha puts out a mouthwatering buffet of gourmet dishes, from pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and basil to fresh fish fillets. Both the leafy patio tables and the styl…
Museum in Porto Seguro

Museu do Descobrimento

Housed in the former Câmara Municipal (Town Council), the Museu Porto Seguro contains exhibits on Brazil’s early settlement, with rooms dedicated to exploration and colonial life; even more interesting are the museu…
Memorial in Porto Seguro

Memorial da Epopéia do Descobrimento

Down by the beach, just north of town, the Memorial da Epopéia do Descobrimento is a worthwhile stop. The park features a replica of the Portuguese ship that first landed on Brazilian shores. The surrounding botanic…
Cultural in Porto Seguro


Porto Seguro’s Carnaval, Bahia’s most famous after Salvador’s, is relatively small and safe, consisting of a few trios elétricos cruising the main drag blasting axé music. These days, just as many tourists come for …
Brazilian in Porto Seguro

O Beco

Not sure where to eat? Just walk over here. This quaint little open-air galleria, just around the corner from the Passarela do Álcool, is lined with small bistros and cafés where you’ll find everything from sushi to…
Club in Porto Seguro

Ilha dos Aquários

Ilha dos Aquários is traditionally a good party, probably because of the novelty of the aquariums and its river-island setting (reachable by boats from the port on party nights).
Beach in Porto Seguro


North of town is the Orla Norte (north coast), a long and tranquil bay whose white, fluffy sands are backed by green vegetation and dotted with barracas and big beach clubs. Beaches here include Praia Curuípe (3km f…
Historic Site in Porto Seguro

Cidade Histórica

Motivation is required to climb the stairs to Porto Seguro's old town. Rewards include colorful historic buildings and sweeping views over the coastline. Warning: the area is beautifully illuminated at night, and de…
Club in Porto Seguro


The major beach clubs all put on weekly nighttime luaus (parties); the one at Barramares is the most stunning. It’s about 6km north of town.
Monument in Porto Seguro

Gonçalo Coelho's Marker Stone

Marks the spot where the Portuguese explorer seized this stretch of coastline from native people in the early 16th century.