Porto Seguro is not a quiet city at night. Young partiers selling club and party tickets (R$30 to R$80) around the passarela let you know what’s happening on any given night. The major beach clubs all put on weekly nighttime luaus (parties).

Feature: Friday Night on Ilha dos Aquários

Everywhere you go in Porto Seguro, you'll see ads and promotions for Ilha dos Aquários – and down by the water, a dedicated boat dock next to the Arraial d'Ajuda ferry. But what is Ilha dos Aquários (travelers often wonder, staring down at the brochure)? Is it an aquarium or a nightclub? Both, in fact. It's one of those quintessentially Brazilian entertainment complexes that wears a few hats, catering to the stroller-set earlier in the evening and the up-all-night party crowd after midnight.

As the name indicates (ilha means 'island'), you can't walk or drive here: all guests arrive by a quick boat ride, included with the entrance fee. The illuminated shark aquariums and family-oriented shows are fun for all ages; there's also a food court and a number of different dining and drinking venues. There's a certain novelty to the fact that it's only open on Friday evenings after dark. After the families head out, the party kids start coming in, and the island morphs into a huge party with live forró, house music, specially invited DJs and Bahian music.