Top Choice Italian in Porto Alegre

Atelier das Massas

Crammed with atmosphere as much as artisanal pastas, put this dive-like pasta bar on your immediate to-do list and never mind the curmudgeon old school servers. There's an irresistible antipasti buffet and a very lo…
Boteco in Porto Alegre

Boteco Natalicio

The walls of this lively, bi-level boteco (open-air bar) straddling Centro and Cidade Baixa is covered in some 200-odd musings of comedians and locals, and packs a wild punch of chope (draft beer) starved locals, he…
Barbecue in Porto Alegre

Churrascaria Barranco

Seasoned just so for nearly 50 years, this always-crowded temple of beef offers no cowboy shows or endless skewers of speared meat, but this is where locals go for their carne (meat) fix. The huge outdoor patio is p…
Market in Porto Alegre

Mercado Público

Porto Alegre's bustling public market offers a wealth of eats. Recommended options include Banco 40, home of the incomparable super bomba royal (a showy ice cream and fruit salad concoction; R$14.90); Gambrinus, an …
Churrascaria in Porto Alegre

Galpão Crioulo

Serious gaúcho country means serious meat. Indulge yourself at one of Porto Alegre's best – and most touristy – churrascarias. The designated Mestre do Chimarrão (chimarrão master) guarantees the local specialty mat…
Brazilian in Porto Alegre

House Café & Bistro

Housed in an eclectic 1917 Rio Branco mansion amid grand pianos and wine art, this funky bistro serves an extraordinarily good-value executive lunch for R$37, voted the best deal in the city under R$50 by Veja. Ana …
Buffet in Porto Alegre

Sabor Natural

Vegetarians will delight at this all-organic, beef-free, all-you-can-eat buffet that caters to the downtown lunch crowd. Enjoy limitless soups, salads and other mostly herbivore-leaning fare.
Brazilian in Porto Alegre

Chale da Praça XV

Housed in a pleasant, Victorian-style garden house and surrounded by a sprawling terrace, this Porto Alegre institution buzzes with activity. Great Sunday bet.
Cafe in Porto Alegre

Banco 40

Home of the incomparable super bomba royal (a showy ice cream and fruit salad concoction; R$14.90)
Portuguese in Porto Alegre

Bar Gambrinus

This restaurant in the Mercado Público is popular for its old-world aura and extremely fresh seafood.