Dangers & Annoyances

Unfortunately, crime levels in the city are concerning and the downtown area is palpably seedy, even during the day, when the city has a grittier feel than most southern Brazilian metropolises. Travelers on foot should take extra care along the Viaduto Otávio Rocha – it tends to be a hangout for riffraff and drug addicts.

Police Stations

Porto Alegre's tourist police, DPTUR, is inconveniently located at the airport (you know, where all the bad stuff happens).

Brigada Militar

Polícia Federal Visa extensions.

Embassies & Consulates



Tourist Information

Both the municipality and the state have tourist information booths in Porto Alegre, the former at the Mercado Público and the main Linha Turismo bus stop; the latter at the airport and the bus station.