Mountains & Beaches

Rainforest-covered peaks, sparkling beaches and a coastline dotted with islands – Rio's setting is breathtaking, especially when viewed from panoramic heights atop Corcovado or Pão de Açúcar. The city's wide-ranging restaurant scene also makes good use of the inspiring views and tropical setting.

Sounds of Samba

Rio's dizzying nightlife includes open-air bars, stylish nightclubs and old-school dance halls dominated by the addictive rhythms of samba. As Carnaval draws near, parties at samba schools and street parades bring revelers from far and wide.

Historic Treasures

At first glance, Rio's downtown is a bustling hive of business and commerce. Look deeper, though, and you'll discover surprising landmarks hidden along its cobblestones, including 18th-century baroque churches, a former royal palace and an extravagant opera house, plus first-rate museums.