Top Choice Brazilian in Fernando de Noronha

Mesa da Ana

Husband-and-wife team Ana (a Cordon Bleu grad) and Rock (pronounced 'hockey;' Noronha's resident artist eccentric) serve only eight to 10 people per night at this rustic island gem. The four-course fish-heavy meals …
Top Choice Buffet in Recife

Chica Pitanga

As near as por kilos restaurants can get to a gourmet experience, Chica Pitanga offers a changing array of diverse dishes every day. The dozen or so salad options might, for example, include tabbouleh or mango salad…
Top Choice Brazilian in Olinda

Oficina do Sabor

With a specialty in baked pumpkin stuffed with assorted fillings – the shrimp, lobster and passion-fruit sauce variety is fantastic – this is one of the Northeast’s best restaurants, and worth every centavo. It's al…
Seafood in Recife

Camarada Camarão

Airy, bustling Camarada does shrimp in endlessly creative ways – think shimp fondue, salads, marinated in beer and served in moquecas (stews) – but it’s also wildly popular for happy hour, when patrons flood the fro…
Seafood in Olinda


This romantic spot with views over Olinda's roofs is one of the region's best places for creative seafood. Try the shrimp in whisky and béchamel sauce with pineapple chunks, or the beijucastanha – a filet of the epo…
Brazilian in Fernando de Noronha


One of the best-value upscale choices, within walking distance of most pousadas, Varanda is an unpretentious place with a varied menu that includes a good selection of steak and seafood mains along with pasta, salad…
Seafood in Tamandaré


The best restaurant in the region, Beijupirá is right on the beautiful southern end of Carneiros and specializes in fresh seafood platters served in a smart but laid-back dining area overlooking the water.
Brazilian in Recife

Restaurante Leite

One of the oldest restaurants in Brazil, this traditional lunch place was opened in 1882. Though modernized these days and void of much historical air, it remains a power-lunch favorite of politicos and businesspeop…
Seafood in Fernando de Noronha

Restaurante Zé Maria

Located inside the hotel of the same name, this high-end restaurant is famed Brazil-wide for its over-the-top, all-you-can-eat R$230 seafood buffet spectacle on Wednesday and Saturday evenings (reservations essentia…
Buffet in Recife


Festive decor and staff dressed in cangaceiro (outlaws from the interior) outfits spice up your meal at this fun Northeast-themed restaurant. The self-serve food is a cornucopia of tasty Northeastern dishes: carne d…