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Brazilian in Penedo

Forte da Rocheira

This former Dutch fortification has a splendid view out over the water. The location is slightly out of the way – just follow the signs, as the restaurant is well-advertised in town, and try to time your visit with …
Museum in Penedo

Museu do Paço Imperial

Occupying the top floor of the house Dom Pedro II once slept in, the Museu do Paço Imperial displays lamps, portraits, furniture and elegant finery from the imperial period (17th and 18th centuries); it’s tiny but n…
Brazilian in Penedo


This casually elegant riverfront spot is popular throughout the day: come for a breakfast of coffee and fruit, lunch, or a dinner of grilled fish and marinated shrimp.
Religious in Penedo

Festa do Senhor Bom Jesus dos Navegantes

This festival is held over four days, and features an elaborate procession of boats and a sailboat race.
Church in Penedo

Igreja de NS da Corrente

The Igreja de NS da Corrente, completed in 1765, has some fine Portuguese azulejos (tiles), painted in green, purple and gold – colors rarely seen in Brazil, or Portugal for that matter. The Lemos family were big be…
Church in Penedo

Convento de São Francisco e Igreja NS dos Anjos

The Convento de São Francisco e Igreja NS dos Anjos was under construction for nearly 100 years before its completion in 1759, and is considered the finest church in the state. Even Dom Pedro II (Brazil’s second and…
Church in Penedo

Igreja de São Gonçalo Garcia

The Igreja de São Gonçalo Garcia was built at the end of the 18th century. The small oratório (Praça Barão de Penedo) is where the condemned spent their last night praying before being hanged.
Church in Penedo

Igreja NS do Rosário dos Pretos

The Igreja NS do Rosário dos Pretos was built by slaves.