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Getting There & Away

For transportation to Maceió and Aracaju, head to Penedo's small bus station, located a few blocks away along the river, behind the large supermarket.

For Maceió, bus options are either one daily Real Alagoas (www.realalagoas bus at noon (R$31, 4¼ hours) or the municipal buses (R$30, 2½ hours), which are less comfortable but much more frequent. If you're not sure, just head down to the bus station and you'll likely hear someone calling passengers for Maceió.

Aguia Branca ( runs one daily bus leaving for Salvador at 6am (R$104, 10 hours). The same bus stops in Aracaju (R$20, four hours). You can usually find informal Kombi vans running to Aracaju for the same price at the bus station as well.