Top things to do in Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses

Top Choice Seafood in Atins & Caburé

Restaurante do Antônio

Get yourself here by foot, horseback, car, boat, on a tour or any way you can to experience the wonderful grilled shrimp at this rustic culinary destination 7km west of Atins. The location, isolated between the dune…
Brazilian in Barreirinhas

Restaurante Bela Vista

Pull up a table on the breezy wooden deck overlooking the river at this excellent local restaurant and choose from a variety of fantastic typical plates. It's all good but the fish dishes are especially tasty. Porti…
International in Barreirinhas

O Jacaré

The French owners of this riverfront pub-restaurant are trying to raise the bar in Barreirinhas. Several pages of the menu are devoted to cocktails and craft beer (Devassa on draft, Eisenbahn and Baden Baden in bott…
Brazilian in Atins & Caburé

Restaurante Ceu Aberto

Tucked away between the main road and the sea, this breezy open-air restaurant on an elevated deck surrounded by greenery hits the mark both in terms of ambience and meals. It's fairly elegant for Atins and the seaf…
Brazilian in Santo Amaro

Restaurante Parque Nacional

Right on the plaza, this simple place is one of the few restaurants in town that's reliably open. It serves good homestyle Brazilian plates – take your pick of chicken, beef or fish served with rice, beans, salad an…
Brazilian in Barreirinhas

A Canoa

For grilled fish, steaks, pizza, river breezes and live music nightly, head to this open-air terrace on the pedestrianized riverside strip. It's a pleasant spot but the food and service are just okay. A cover charge…
Seafood in Atins & Caburé

Cabana do Peixe

The best and most atmospheric of Caburé's restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood stews to incoming day-trippers. We especially like the individual thatch-roofed tables that sit in the sands in front of the main …
Pizza in Santo Amaro

Pizzeria Dona Maroca

If you want a change from rice, beans and meat, this simple place a block from the church serves up a variety of pies.
Brazilian in Santo Amaro

Barraca da Ana

A friendly little restaurant right by the river's edge serving up traditional local dishes.