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Getting There & Away

To reach Caparaó by bus from Belo Horizonte or Vitória (Espírito Santo), head first to the tiny town of Manhumirim, 25km outside the park. Pássaro Verde ( operates three daily buses from Belo to Manhumirim (R$101 to R$112, 6½ to 7¼ hours). From Vitória, Águia Branca ( runs a daily 5:50pm bus direct to Manhumirim (R$52, 4½ hours).

Rio Doce runs buses from Manhumirim to Alto Caparaó (R$6.05, 55 minutes, nine daily from 6:30am to 8pm, returning 6:25am to 9:10pm). Alternatively, it’s a half-hour taxi ride (about R$75). Manhumirim’s Palace Hotel, diagonally across from the bus station, is perfectly adequate if you’re stuck here overnight.

An alternative option from Vitória is Águia Branca’s 7am bus to Manhuaçu (R$50 to R$53, 4¾ hours), where Rio Doce buses connect to Alto Caparaó (R$14, 1½ hours, eight daily).