Top Choice Beach in Jacumã & Around

Praia Coqueirinho

The most beautiful beach in the region, Coqueirinho is a lovely curving bay lined with swathes of coconut palms and backed by high red cliffs covered in jungle foliage. A collection of trees give plenty of shade and…
Top Choice Monastery in João Pessoa

Centro Cultural São Francisco

This is one of Brazil's most beautiful monasteries. São Francisco's construction was interrupted by battles with the Dutch and French, resulting in an impressive but architecturally confused complex built over two c…
Beach in Jacumã & Around

Praia de Tambaba

Praia de Tambaba, 10km south of Jacumã, is famed as the only official nudist beach in the region. It's a beautiful place that warrants a visit on its own right even if you don't plan on getting naked. It's divided i…
Beach in João Pessoa

Ilha de Areia Vermelha

Ilha de Areia Vermelha is an island of red sand that emerges off the northern beaches at low tide for roughly half the days in each month. Boats park around the island and the party lasts until the tide comes in. Yo…
Beach in Jacumã & Around

Praia Tabatinga

A wonderful lengthy stretch of soft sand, Tabatinga is the perfect place for long hikes punctuated by refreshing swims. It runs from a small forested headland for a couple of kilometers down to some towering pink cl…
Archaeological Site in Paraíba

Pedra do Ingá

The Pedra do Ingá is a single rock 23m long and nearly 4m high in the middle of the Rio Ingá. It's covered in beautiful carvings that are possibly up to 5000 years old. There is a small museum on site and the admiss…
Beach in Jacumã & Around

Praia Carapibus

Divided from Praia Jacumã by a small headland, Praia Carapibus is just 500m long and boasts a wide stretch of bright sand lined by coconut palms running around a point. It's uncrowded and there's shade under the tre…
Beach in João Pessoa

Praia de Tambaú

Praia de Tambaú, 7km east of the center, is an urban beach but nevertheless an enjoyable area to spend time. Bars, restaurants, coconut palms, fig trees and a broad promenade are strung along the seafront. Southward…
Church in João Pessoa

Igreja NS do Carmo

The 16th-century Igreja NS do Carmo stands at the center of an impressive complex of church buildings on Praça Dom Adauto.
Historic Building in João Pessoa

Casa de Polvora

On the side of the hill halfway between the Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa, this arched brick buildling was erected in 1710 to store the city's gunpowder reserves. It now serves as a mini-cultural center hosting tempo…