Boat in Santarém

Viação Tapajós

Ferry in Belém

Terminal Hidroviária

All long-distance boats leave Belém from the Terminal Hidroviária. Purchase tickets from the booths inside the terminal, or contact Amazon Star Turismo, whose multilingual attendants can book boat tickets, including…
Bus in Ilha de Marajó

Edgar Transporte

For transport between Camará and Soare, this professionally run shuttle service has modern, air-conditioned shuttles and confirmed reservations for just slightly more than standard service. Boat tickets, including V…
Bus in Belém


Serves dozens of cities, near and far, including São Luis (R$131, 10 hours, one departure daily), Rio de Janeiro (R$425, 50 hours, four departures weekly) and Paraíso do Tocantins (R$145, 17 hours, three times daily…
Bus in Belém


Serves Fortaleza (R$266, 24 hours, once daily), Salvador (R$360, 33 hours, three departures weekly) and Rio de Janeiro (R$550, 53 hours, four departures weekly).
Bus in Belém

Rápido Excelsior

Daily services to Marudá (R$21.50, four hours, 6am, 9am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 4pm).
Bus in Belém


Frequent service to Marudá (R$31, 3½ hours) in air-conditioned minibuses.
Ferry in Belém


Ferry in Belém

Arapari Navigação