Self-Service in Palmas

Restaurante Seara

Large bustling per-kilo place that's popular with workers at nearby government offices. Friendly service and well-prepared food, but best of all it’s open until 3pm, when it seems every other self-service restaurant…
Pizza in Palmas

Don Vergilio

Popular pizzeria and per-kilo spot, open late for those nighttime munchies. Pizzas have thick roped crusts and come in varieties both usual (Margherita) and not-so-usual (strogonoff; banana). There also are calzones…
Brazilian in Palmas

Churrascaría Portal do Sul

Get nice and hungry and treat yourself to the all-you-can-eat rodízio (a buffet of fresh meats) at this large eatery north of the plaza. The dining area won't win any awards for decor; then again, the only looking a…