Most of the sights of interest are around Praça Girossóis, one of the largest municipal squares in the world.


Palmas has good sleeping options. Rooms are often booked out during the week, but cheaper on weekends.


Palmas is especially good for lunch, serving up buffets and per-kilo meals in abundance to hungry government workers. The city center is much quieter come dinner with less choice as a result.

Drinking & Nightlife

Palmas is a hardworking government city – although it lets its hair down a little on weekends, with the outdoor tables surrounding Praça Girossóis especially popular.


Palmas’ layout is highly logical, but still confuses most first-time visitors. All quadras (blocks) are numbered, and the main avenues are named for their direction: ‘NS’ for norte–sul (north–south) and ‘LO’ for leste–oeste (east–west). Smaller ruas (roads), are named according to their quadrant – like ‘NO’ for the northwest or ‘SE’ for southeast – in relation to Praça Girossóis, the center of the city. Only Palmas' two main thoroughfares have regular names: Av Juscelino Kubitschek (known as Av JK) and Av Teotônio Segurado.