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Top Choice Brazilian in Olinda


Humble, local and a kitchen magician, Chef Alcindo Queiroz serves regional moquecas and seafood that are an unexpected joy at this Olinda sleeper. Start with the Taperoá appetizer – flambéed shrimp over a fried bana…
Top Choice Brazilian in Olinda

Oficina do Sabor

With a specialty in baked pumpkin stuffed with assorted fillings – the shrimp, lobster and passion-fruit sauce variety is fantastic – this is one of the Northeast’s best restaurants, and worth every centavo. It's al…
Top Choice Bar in Olinda

Bodega de Véio

Also a small and very eclectic general store, this wonderful little bar serves ice-cold bottled beer, shots of cachaça (potent sugarcane liquor) and great charcuterie plates (R$8 per 100g), while doing its best to m…
Top Choice Carnaval in Olinda


Traditional, colorful and has an intimacy and security not found in big-city Carnavals. Fast and frenetic frevo music sets the pace, balanced by the heavy drumbeats of maracatu. Costumed blocos and spectators dance …
Cathedral in Olinda

Igreja da Sé

The imposing Igreja da Sé was originally built in 1537. Burnt in 1631, it has been reconstructed four times since, most recently from 1974 to 1984 in a Mannerist style that attempts to re-create the original 16th-ce…
Monastery in Olinda

Mosteiro de São Bento

The huge Mosteiro de São Bento, originally built in 1582, has some exceptional woodcarving in its church. Sunday morning Mass (10am) is celebrated complete with Gregorian chants.
Museum in Olinda

Museu de Arte Contemporânea

Housed in an 18th-century Inquisition jail, MAC is recommended for both its permanent and temporary exhibits.
Museum in Olinda

Museu do Mamulengo

The Museu do Mamulengo has a unique and surprisingly interesting collection of more than 1000 pieces devoted to the traveling puppet shows called Mamulengos, an authentic popular tradition of the Northeast.
Monastery in Olinda

Convento de São Francisco

This is a large structure containing the 16th-century Igreja NS das Neves and two later chapels, with rich baroque detailing and lovely azulejos (Portuguese ceramic tiles).
Church in Olinda

Igreja NS do Amparo

Head down Rua Saldanha Marinho to look at the restored 1613 Igreja NS do Amparo.