Dangers & Annoyances

Crime (mostly petty) exists, especially during Carnaval. Don’t walk alone along deserted streets at night.

Police Stations

Ciatur Main office of Pernambuco's friendly tourism police.

Ciatur Branch office of tourism police.


There are no ATMs in the historic center. The nearest ATMs are Banco do Brasil and Bradesco, close to each other on Av Getúlio Vargas about 2km north, reachable on any of several northbound buses (1983, 1973, 910, 881) from the post office, opposite Praça do Carmo.


Correios The post office is in front of the Praça do Carmo.

Tourist Information

Casa do Turista The municipal tourist-information office has helpful staff, but little English.

Empetur The state tourist info office has lovely English-speaking staff.