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Getting There & Away

A handful of operators run catamarans and small ferries (around R$100) between Morro and the Terminal Marítimo Turístico in Salvador. There are five to seven daily departures each way. For reservations, contact Biotur, Farol do Morro, IlhaBela or Lancha Lulalu, or stop into a travel agency on the island. Note that the ride can be rough, even if you aren't prone to seasickness. Come with travel-sickness medication. Also keep in mind it's common for passengers to get wet on smaller boats.

There are also daily boats to Valença (R$25–R$27, 40 minutes), convenient if you're heading to Boipeba, the Peninsula Marau or points south.

If you're heading directly to Salvador's airport from Morro, contact Cassi Turismo. The agency sells a transfer package (R$95 to R$125, five daily) involving a short boat ride from Morro to Ponto do Curral, then a 1½-hour van ride to Mar Grande on Ilha Itaparica, a 40-minute ferry to Salvador, and, finally, a ride to the airport.

Two small airlines have daily flights between Salvador and Morro (R$478, 25 minutes). Contact Aerostar, Addey Taxi Aéreo or a travel agency.