Tourist Information in São Thomé das Letras

Tourist Information Office

São Thomé’s tourist information office is just off the main square, Praça da Matriz. It provides a brochure in Portuguese with a rudimentary map of town and can point you to surrounding natural attractions.
Tourist Information in Mariana

Tourist Office

A block above the square where buses from Ouro Preto stop, Mariana's newly relocated tourist office offers city information and tours.
Tourist Information in Ouro Preto

Centro Cultural e Turístico da FIEMG

Offers information in English, Spanish and French, including a leaflet listing museum and church hours and a rough town map.
Tourist Information in Serro & Around

Centro de Informações Turísticas

Hands out a useful map of Serro’s old mansions and churches and also provides information about São Gonçalo and Milho Verde.
Tourist Information in Tiradentes

Secretária Municipal de Turismo

On the main square; provides maps, information on hotels and guided tours.
Tourist Information in Diamantina

Secretaria de Turismo

Distributes a Portuguese-language town map and guide.
Tourist Information in Belo Horizonte

Belotur Pampulha

On the lakeshore in the northern suburb of Pampulha.
Tourist Information in Belo Horizonte

Belotur Mercado Central

On the ground floor of Belo's famous indoor market.
Tourist Information in Caxambu

Secretaria de Turismo

In the town hall, adjacent to the Parque das Águas.
Post in Belo Horizonte

Main Post Office

There’s another branch at the bus station.