Top Choice Music in Diamantina


This long-standing Diamantina tradition of evening serenades is held two Saturdays per month in season. At 8pm on Vesperata night, dozens of local musicians parade into the small triangular praça at the northern end…
Top Choice Food & Drink in Belo Horizonte

Comida di Buteco Festival

Visiting between mid-April and mid-May? Don't miss the Comida di Buteco festival, during which hundreds of butecos (neighborhood bars) compete to see who makes the best bar food. Members of the general public cast v…
Top Choice Cultural in Ouro Preto


Thanks in part to Ouro Preto's huge student population, Carnaval here is boisterous and fun. The town government hosts free live music on multiple stages in the historic center, while dozens of blocos (drumming and …
Religious in São João del Rei


Locals boast, credibly, that their Carnaval is the best in Minas Gerais, with five dozen blocos (drumming and dancing processions) parading through the streets during three full weeks of festivities.
Cultural in Ouro Preto

Festival de Inverno

This two-week winter arts festival features music, dance, theater, cinema and kids' activities at various venues throughout Ouro Preto and Mariana.
Food & Drink in Tiradentes

Festival de Cultura e Gastronomia de Tiradentes

This 10-day food festival brings world-class chefs to Tiradentes.
Cultural in Serro & Around

Festa de NS do Rosário

In early July, Serro hosts one of Minas’ oldest festivals, the Festa de NS do Rosário, dating back to 1728. Townspeople representing Brazil’s three main cultural traditions parade through the streets in colorful att…
Religious in São João del Rei

Holy Week

Semana Santa processions are especially colorful, preserving centuries-old Portuguese traditions and incorporating the music of the city's two baroque orchestras, who have been performing here uninterruptedly since …
Film in Tiradentes

Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes

Entering its third decade, Brazil's largest film festival showcases contemporary Brazilian filmmakers with nine days of world premieres, juried prizes and free open-air screenings in Largo das Forras.
Film in Ouro Preto


This annual June film festival draws thousands of visitors and cinema professionals from around Brazil, with lectures, workshops and free movies shown on a big screen in Praça Tiradentes.