Top Choice Bar in Cuiabá


If you like your beer bem gelada (nice and cold) and it's another baking Cuiabá day, the Choppão is heaven. Ice-insulated tankards keep the chope (draft beer) glacial the whole way down. A wide range of traditional …
Bar in Cuiabá


The romantic outdoor seating of this sizable bar and restaurant is a fine spot to be on a balmy Cuiabá night. There's good food here, but the real stars of the show are the excellent drinks, especially the elaborate…
Bar in Cuiabá


If pretensions aren’t your bag but drunk, dancing Brazilians are, then give this traditional bar in the old town a try. It’s not easy on the eye, but let the Skols flow and you may find yourself having more fun than…
Bar in Cuiabá

Bar do Edgare

West of downtown, this is worth the cab ride for its relaxed good cheer, regular live rock (Fridays) and popular Saturday feijoada (R$30). It's an old favorite and most of the crowd are thirty-plus.