Bus in Campo Grande


Handy minibus/bus service that offers hotel pickup and runs to Bonito via Campo Grande airport (where there's an office) four times daily (R$80, four to five hours).
Bus in Bonito & Around


Four daily door-to-door bus services between Campo Grande and Bonito; van service to other destinations in the Bonito area.
Bus Station in Corumbá

Long-Distance Bus Station

The bus station is ten blocks south of the center. A taxi to the center costs around R$20, a moto-taxi around R$7.
Bus Station in Ponta Porã

Bus Station

The bus station is 4km out of town, but relatively close to the Brazilian and Paraguayan migration offices.
Bus in Campo Grande

Bus Station

Campo Grande’s bus station is inconveniently located 6km south of the center on the road to São Paulo.
Bus Station in Cuiabá

Bus Station

Cuiabá’s bus station is 3km north of the center on the highway toward Chapada dos Guimarães.
Bus in Campo Grande

Terra Transportes

Three daily door-to-door bus and van services between Campo Grande and Bonito.
Bus Station in Bonito & Around

Bus Station

The bus station is handily located three blocks south of the main street.
Bicycle Rental in Chapada dos Guimarães


Rent hybrid bikes suitable for trails in the region.
Airport in Corumbá

Aeroporto Internacional de Corumbá

The airport is 3km west of the town center.