Arts & Crafts in Cuiabá

Casa do Artesão

Seven themed rooms full of Mato Grosso handicrafts and sweets, including ceramics, woodcarvings, straw baskets and pequi créme liquor.
Arts & Crafts in Campo Grande

Casa do Artesão

An excellent selection of indigenous arts, including colorful Terena ceramics and Kadiwéu wooden carvings depicting mythical figures, as well as 'jungle jewellery' that makes use of seeds and locally brewed liquor.
Arts & Crafts in Corumbá

Casa de Artesão

The old prison has swapped inmates for artists, who hawk their wooden carvings, baskets and leatherwork from former cells.
Shopping Centre in Ponta Porã

Shopping China

Go see what all the fuss is about! This megastore has…well, everything and is teeming with wide-eyed Brazilians throwing down real after real for massive discounts on everything from Johnny Walker to Canon.
Mall in Campo Grande

Shopping Campo Grande

Large shopping mall with multiplex cinema that screens international releases.
Arts & Crafts in Campo Grande

Feria de Artesanato de Artistas Sul Mato Grossenses

High quality leatherwork and embroidery by local craftsmen.