Top Choice Travel Agency in São Luís

Terra Nordeste

This excellent ecotourism-focused Northeast Brazil specialist is friendly, French-owned and multilingual. It can organize any trip for any budget, from two days to a month or more, and specializes in treks across th…
Tourist Information in São Luís

Maranhão Tourist Information

Maranhão’s official state tourist information office, located in the arrivals hall of the airport. English isn't a strong point, but the bilingual tourism site has helpful descriptions.
Tourist Information in São Luís

Central de Informações Turísticas

The main information office of Setur, the city tourism department, and also the most helpful; English and French were spoken when we visited.
Police in São Luís


São Luís' tourist police station for reporting crime and obtaining police reports. Unbelievably, English is not spoken.
Police in São Luís


The tourist police force in charge of patrolling the streets. There is usually an English speaker here.
Tourist Information in Tutóia

Ponto do Informação Turística

Tutóia's information office is a bit light on resources but can offer tips on attractions around town.
Hospital in São Luís

UDI Hospital

Private hospital with emergency service. It's in front of the Shopping São Luís center.
ATM in Tutóia


If you're heading west along the beach to Caburé or Atins this is the last ATM.
Bank in São Luís

Banco do Brasil

This is the only Banco do Brasil branch here offering currency exchange.
ATM in Barreirinhas

Banco do Brasil

Branch on the main street.