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Getting There & Away

Mangue Seco is remote; unless you're hiring private transportation or coming on a day trip from Salvador or Aracaju (usually around R$95 per person), getting here requires a combination of bus, taxi and boat.

Most travelers arrive in Mangue Seco as follows: from the south, a Rota bus from Salvador (R$75 to R$81, five daily) to Estância; or from the north, a Coopertalse ( bus from Aracaju to Estancia (R$12.50, several daily). A taxi from Estância to Pontal (R$65) takes you to the speedboat between Pontal and Mangue Seco (around R$100 for five people).

Especially if you're traveling with others, it's worthwhile asking your accommodation in Mangue Seco if they offer more direct transportation. Pousada O Forte, for example, offers service from Salvador (R$450 to R$500 for up to four people) and Aracaju (R$270 for up to four people).