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Manaus' main airport, Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes, is located 13km north of the city center. Modern, spiffy and cavernous – thank you World Cup 2014! – it has info kiosks, ATMs, luggage lockers, restaurants, shopping and wi-fi. Charter planes and smaller regional airlines may use a separate terminal (known as ‘Eduardinho’), about 600m east of the main one.

Aeroporto Internacional Eduardo Gomes


Large passenger boats plying the Rio Solimões use Manaus' main passenger port, Estação Hidroviária de Manaus. Speedboats to Tefé, Tabatinga and Parintins use the smaller Porto Manaus Moderna, while fast and slow boats headed up the Rio Negro generally dock at Porto São Raimundo, a seedy port about 1.5km northwest of the center. Passenger boats going downstream to Belém usually make stops in Itacoatiara, Parintins, Santarém and Monte Alegre. Headed up the Rio Solimões, boats call at Tefé, Benjamin Constant and Tabatinga. Boats to Porto Velho take the Rio Madeira, of course, making stops at Manicoré and Humaitá.

The main port's ticket office sells passage for most long-distance riverboats. It has been housed in a small office facing the plaza while the terminal undergoes a major renovation; once completed, expect the office to move inside to a more user-friendly location. It is not recommended to buy tickets from the men with desks along the sidewalk in front of the boat terminal; although they're slightly cheaper, you're the first to be bumped if the boat is full.

AJATO operates comfortable speedboats upstream to Tefé (R$240, 13 hours, 6am, at 7am Tuesday) and Tabatinga (R$550, 36 hours, 6am Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday) and downstream to Parantins (R$160, eight hours, 7am Monday, 6am Tuesday and Friday). There’s also service up the Rio Madeira as far as Manicoré (R$210, 14 hours, 6am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday).

Slow boats going up the Rio Negro use Porto São Raimundo. Departures for Barcelos (hammock R$120, double cabin R$300, 25 to 30 hours) are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm and for São Gabriel (hammock R$340, 72 hours) at 5pm and 6pm Friday. Boat companies serving those towns include Azevedo, Vencedor, Natal, Gênesis and Tanaka.

Speedboats serve the same stops in about half the time, operated by Tanaka and Taylor, departing Porto São Raimundo for Barcelos (R$150, 12 hours) and São Gabriel ($400, 24 hours) every Tuesday and Friday at 3pm. Bring a camping pad if you've got one: many passengers lie in the aisle to get some sleep.

Slow boats along the Rio Solimões do not include meals, but those along the Rio Negro often do. Speedboats always include meals.

Riverboats from Manaus (Estação Hidroviária)

DestinationDepartureDurationUpper Deck (R$)Cabin, 2 pax (R$)
BelémWed & Fri; 11am4 days300-3251000-1200
Porto VelhoTue; 6pm4 days200600
SantarémMon-Sat; 11am36hr160750-1000
TabatingaWed, Fri & Sat; noon7 days3501500
TeféTue-Thu, Sat & Sun; 5-6am36hr150590


Manaus' small long-distance bus station is 6km north of town, in the same direction as the airport.

Eucatur has services to Boa Vista (R$120, 11 to 12 hours, 10am, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 11pm). If you plan to continue directly to Venezuela, take the 6pm or 7pm buses from Manaus in order to have the best chance of catching the one and only bus to the border, which leaves Boa Vista at 7am.

Asatur also serves Boa Vista (R$75 to R$106, 7pm & 8pm); the 8pm departure is 'VIP' with nearly fully reclining seats and on-board wi-fi.

Aruanã has a bus service to Presidente Figueiredo (R$25, two hours, 6am, 10am, 12:30pm, 6pm and 11pm) and to Itacoatiara (R$43, four hours, 6am, 7am, 10:30am, 1pm, 2pm and 7pm).

Long-Distance Bus Station


Rental agencies at the airport include Localiza, Unidas, Avis and Hertz.