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Aeroporto Zumbi dos Palmares

GOL and LATAM can fly you or connect you to just about anywhere in Brazil from Aeroporto Zumbi dos Palmares.

Transport Options

Maceió’s airport is 20km north of the center. To reach the center, hop in one of the spiffy taxis operated by the local taxi collective (R$70) – you pay inside the airport and take your ticket to a driver waiting curbside. It's a 30-minute drive to the city if there's no traffic. Buses also run between Ponta Verde and the airport (labeled Aeroporto–Ponta Verde) every 45 minutes or so (R$4.40). The same bus can be picked up in Pajuçara heading north along Rua Jangadeiros Alagoanos – there are several stops along this stretch – look for a bus with ‘Aeroporto’ on the front.


Real Alagoas ( and Rota ( buses go to Aracaju (R$53–63, four to five hours, seven daily). Real Alagoas also goes north to Recife (R$50–78, five to six hours, seven daily). Rota buses go to Salvador (R$140–145, 11 hours, four daily).

Municipal buses – some look more like vans – make regular runs all over Alagoas. They can be caught at the main bus station in Maceió, or flagged down along the road if you know the route. Keep your eyes peeled for white vehicles with either blue or green signage on the sides. They can take you to destinations as close as Praia do Francês and Marechal Deodoro (R$5.20, 35 minutes), to further afield towns like Penedo (R$30, two hours) and Maragogi (R$22, three hours).

Maceió Bus Station

The bus station is about 7km north of the beaches.

Transport Options

Many of the city buses pass the bus station and most lines have their major stops listed on the side of the bus or will have their major destination (ie 'Centro' or 'Ponta Verde') as the name of the route. If getting a bus from the bus station to elsewhere in the city make sure to ask your bus driver which direction the bus is heading as there is only one stop for all buses. A taxi to the center costs R$15 to R$20, and around R$25–30 to the beaches.