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Macapá's airport is around 6km northwest of the city center.

Azul, Gol and LATAM all have flights to/from Belém.


Riverboats leave from a port in the town of Santana, 25km southwest of Macapá. A taxi there costs around R$40. Otherwise take a southbound ‘Macapá-Santana’ bus from the stop on Rua Tiradentes behind Igreja de São José (R$2.50, 30 minutes).

Slow boats for Belém depart on Monday, Thursday and Friday (hammock R$165, double cabin R$490, 24 hours). There are daily departures for Santarém (hammock R$165, double cabin R$490, 48 hours) and continuing to Manaus (hammock R$300, 72 hours).


Macapá’s bus station is on Hwy BR-210, about 3km north of the center. Rain and mud make long-distance bus travel in Amapá very rough, especially from January to June, and temporary cancellations are common year-round.

Bus service to Oiapoque and the French Guiana border (R$90, 16 to 24 hours, four departures daily) take Hwy BR-156, which is paved for the first 140km only. If service is suspended, freelancers offer camioneta (truck) service for R$150 to R$200.

For Cachoeira Santo Antônio, take a bus to Laranjal do Jarí (US$48, seven to 12 hours, two departures daily); it's a dirt road the entire way.


An enjoyable train ride links Santana, 25km southwest of Macapá where the docks are located, and Serra do Navio (R$14, five hours), near Parque Nacional Montanhas do Tumucumaque. Departures are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.